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Around the world, markets are warning signs that the global economy is teetering on a cliff’s edge. The question of a recession is no longer if, but when.

The hangover has been brutal. The S&P 500, the broadest measure of Wall Street — and the index responsible for the bulk of Americans’ 401(k)s — is down nearly 24% for the year. And it’s not alone. All three major US indexes are in a bear market, down at least 20% from their most recent highs.

Once again, who apart from the Fed to Blame.

Inflation, along with the steep rise in interest rates by the central bank, has pushed bond prices down, which causes bond yields (aka the return an investor gets for their loan to the government) to go up.

Britons, who are already in a cost-of-living crisis, with inflation at 10% — the highest of any G7 economy — are now panicking over higher borrowing costs that could force millions of homeowners’ monthly mortgage payments to go up by hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

The upshot “The immediate outlook for the global economy and for much of the world’s population is darker than before.

  • Simon Every

Why should you invest and Act now to safeguard your assets against the ravages of inflation.

Here are three reasons:


· The price of goods are becoming more expensive over the long term meanwhile, the low interest rates offered by banks and building societies are not enough to beat inflation.

· This means, if you leave all your life savings in a poorly performing accounts or investments, the value of it, is actually falling year after year and you are by default becoming poorer. This is not a great long-term solution to enjoy a retirement without some element of financial worry.


Your money can really multiply in the long run

Investing gives your money the best chance of growing.

· For example, let’s assume you invested £100,000: 1% over 5 years provides a pot of £105,100; In comparison with 5% annual growth the equivalent funds would be worth £127,630.

· Due to the impact of inflation eroding the spending power of the cash in your savings account, in real terms it would be worth even less.

· Remember the most important Rule “interest earns interest” and so your money grows at a faster rate, which is why it’s a snowball effect and this gearing protects investments from the ravages of inflation


· Monies invested tax effectively, via the use of ISA’s and UK life assured bonds; it means that, you keep more of your hard earned money in your own pocket.

· Not only are you wisely protecting against paying HMRC taxes, but you will also benefit from the protections in place, ie to safeguard your own funds for you and the family from major stock market falls and bankruptcy.

Our advisers help hundreds of clients annually to do just that, to invest and protect what you have and to provide a worry-free future.

Hill Grafford are a Top Rated UK Chartered Financial Adviser for 2020 and 2021- as distributed in The Times.

Speak to one of our Local Chartered Financial Advisers today on 01780 784310 or 07967 015 805.

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